The Ahmedabad Citizen's Fellowship is an attempt to get conscientious citizens together to change our evolving city. As we build more flyovers, malls and widen roads, we must be mindful of how our city's garbage is disposed, what's happening to its green cover, its lakes and water bodies and its air quality with expansion of private vehicles. We constantly complain as urban yuppies, but can we make a difference? And not just to the city's physical assets, but to those who build our cities? The street vendors, the construction labourers, the housemaids, the guards of our buildings, can we work towards an inclusive city? If your answer is yes, then apply for the city's first fellowship that will help you understand the city, from its inception to its functioning.  For the very first time in Ahmedabad, we will train 40 leaders to understand civic issues, work with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and execute their ideas about how the city should be. Experts from all walks of life will mentor you, we will have field visits and group work. We will come together to brainstorm on every issue, whether its separation of garbage, using less plastic or honking less. 

The fellowship is a 3 month long engagement for anyone over the age of 18. We will hold weekend workshops and field visits and the citizen groups will work together when they can during the week. We strongly encourage students and young professionals to apply.


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