The interns did multiple field visits to learn about the Miyawaki method, afforestation and the ecological aspects involved in building an urban green space.

Manekbaug Lokvan started as  approximately 6000 sq.m. of barren land. It was converted into a forest with traditional method of plantation. Today this green space is a thriving ecosystem which boasts of spotting of shy species of birds, various animals and more than 50 tree species.

Oxygen Park in Science City is a project by Acacia Eco. The park will have areas of dense plantation done by Miyawaki method, along with sparse plantation, walkways and basic park amenities. It was inaugurated on June 5 by the Municipal Commisioner of Ahmedabad, Shri. Vijay Nehra.

Shreyas Foundation is home to a young forest planted by Acacia Eco with the Miyawaki Method. There are patches of dense plantation over the campus which have about 30 native tree species. The forest is less than 2 years old and growing at a very impressive rate having achieved a height of  3 meters already.