The Ahmedabad Project has other interns working on projects like Nuisance Spots, Rain Basera, Story of Informality. You can read more about the individual projects below.

Nuisance spots are those places where people litter in public. Archa and Raj are studying a nuisance spot in Jodhpur area (Gokul Aavas/ Gopal Aavas) and working to create a framework which can be applied to all the nuisance spots in the city to convert them  into cleaner and greener spaces in Ahmedabad. 

Don't you think it's easy for us to stay indoors during hot summers? What happens to those who have nowhere to go? There comes the role of Rain Basera which is an Urban Homeless Shelter. There are 44 such shelters in A'bad. Shriya & Manan are working on these shelters to conclude what can be done to improve them.

Story of informality looks at the migrant labour in the city by studying  construction sites and the labour profile. Vidvata is working to find out the background, wage rates and conditions of the worksite. The aim is to understand to what extent are the rules being followed and what can we as a society do to address this.